Championship Winners

 The winners of the individual County Competitions.

The Nigel Birrell Shield

Presented by Nigel Birrell in 1995, this Shield is given to the player or players for the outstanding achievement of the year within the County

2020 –
2019 – Abbie Symonds
2018 – Alice Barlow
2017 – A.Barlow & F.Edmond
2016 – Alice Barlow
2015 – Vanessa Bell
2014 – Sarah Saggers
2013 – Jeanette Longman
2012 – Vicki Inglis
2011 – Blaize Esmond
2010 – S.E.Cook
2009 – Heidi Baek
2008 – V. Inglis
2007 – E.Laflin & A.Norman
2006 – Sharon Luckman
2005 – Heidi Baek
2004 – Junior 1st Team
2003 – Sharon Luckman
2002 – Jennifer Woodhatch
2001 – Amanda Hockley
2000 – H Rees & E Steadman
1999 – Nikki Carter
1998 – Emma Jukes
1997 – M Z Proctor
1996 – Miss J Hockley
1995 – County 1st Team

Joy Winn Salver

The Joy Winn Salver will be awarded to the player with the lowest score over a whole season’s
play. The Competition is designed to encourage the county’s elite players to participate in their
regular club medal competitions.
This competition is open to all amateur female golfers who enter the SLCGA County
Championship. Competitors must remain a Full Member of the SLCGA for the entire period
from the first day of the county championship to the award of the salver.

2019 Alice Barlow Bury St Edmunds
2018 Alice Barlow Hintlesham
2017 Alice Barlow Hintlesham
2016 Alice Barlow Newton Green
2015 Abbie Symonds Ipswich
2015 Abbie Symonds Ipswich
2014 Sharon Luckman Ipswich
Suffolk County Girls Championship (L.Moss Blundell Cup) Scratch Winner

Given in 1970 by Miss L Moss-Blundell (member of Aldeburgh Golf Club).  County Captain 1972-73 and President 1980-81.

2019 Georgia Parker Ipswich Ipswich
2018 Fiona Stokes Haverhill Woodbridge
2017 Alice Barlow Newton Green Aldeburgh
2016 Alice Barlow Newton Green Felixstowe
2015 Alice Barlow Newton Green Ipswich
2014 Eloise Aldous Newton Green Woodbridge
2013 Lily Kent Ipswich Felixstowe
2012 Lily Kent Ipswich Stowmarket
2011 Sarah Howe Ipswich Aldeburgh
2010 Heidi Baek Felixstowe Felixstowe
2009 Heidi Baek Felixstowe Ipswich
2008 Heidi Baek Felixstowe  
2007 Miss K Holley Stowmarket Woodbridge
2006 Miss H Baek Fynn Valley  
2005 Miss H Baek Fynn Valley  Felixstowe
2004 Miss V Inglis Woodbridge  
2003 Miss H Inglis Woodbridge  
2002 Miss H Inglis Woodbridge Ipswich
2001 Miss K Snelgrove Felixstowe Ferry Halesworth
2000 Miss N Larter Aldeburgh Bury St Edmunds
1999 Emma Jukes Stowmarket Ipswich
1998 Emma Jukes Stowmarket Bungay
1997 Louise Wright Ipswich  
1996 Louise Wright Ipswich Waldringfield
1995 Vanessa Bell Ipswich Bury St Edmunds
1994 Amanda Hockley Felixstowe Hintlesham
1993 Hannah Rees Rookery Park Rushmere
1992 Amanda Hockley Felixstowe Flempton
1991 J Hockley Felixstowe Stowmarket
1990 J Hockley Felixstowe Royal Worlington
1989 J Hockley Felixstowe Diss
1988 Joanne Hockley Felixstowe Ipswich
1987 Joanne Hockley Felixstowe Royal Worlington
1986 Wendy Day Thorpeness Stowmarket
1985 Wendy Day Thorpeness Woodbridge
1984 Wendy Day Thorpeness Rookery Park
1983 Julie Wade Felixstowe Aldeburgh
1982 Julie Wade Felixstowe Bungay
1981 Julie Wade Felixstowe  
1980 Diana Marriott    
1979 Fiona E Will    
1978 Linda Warner Woodbridge Stowmarket
1977 Jane Morley   Ipswich
1976 Linda Warner Woodbridge Royal Worlington
1975 Fiona E Will   Aldeburgh
1974 Jane Sharman   Flempton
1973 Jane Sharman    
1972 Jane Sharman    
1971 Penelope Belle    
1970 Penelope Belle    
Suffolk L.C.G.A Junior Championship (Handicap Plate) Nett Winner


Year Name Club Venue
2019 Juliette Coffey Woodbridge Halesworth
2018 Not Played Not Played Not Played
2017 Rio Everitt Bury St Edmunds Fynn Valley
2016 Georgia Parker Bury St Edmunds Felixstowe
2015 Fiona Stokes Haverhill Ipswich
2014 Molly Newson Thorpeness Woodbridge
2013 Eloise Aldous   Felixstowe
2012 Emily Rothwell   Stowmarket
2011 Melissa Schroeder   Aldeburgh
2010 Eloise Aldous   Felixstowe
2009 Sarah Howe Ipswich Ipswich
2008 Cheryl Chishold    
2007 Sarah Howe   Woodbridge
2006 Cheryl Chisholm    
2005 Nadine Williams    
S.L.C.G.A Junior Matchplay

2019 Georgia Parker
2018 Not Played
2017 Not Played
2016 Alice Barlow
2015 Alice Barlow
2014 Abbie Symonds
2013 Lottie Whyman
2012 Alice Barlow
2011 Sarah Howe
2010 Sarah Howe
2009 Blaize Esmond
2008 Heidi Baek

Suffolk Girls Spring Cup

The Suffolk Girls Spring Cup was introduced in 2019

Year Name Club Venue
2019 Georgia Parker Ipswich Woodbridge
Suffolk Girls Autumn Trophy
Year Name Club Venue
2019 Georgia Parker Ipswich Thorpeness
2016 Alice Barlow    
2015 Alice Barlow    
2013 Eloise Aldous    
2012 Lily Kent    
2011 Blaize Esmond    
Junior Girl Golfer of the Year

2019 Georgia Paker
2018 Sophie Kubitzek
2017 Fiona Stokes
2016 Fiona Stokes
2015 Alice Barlow
2014 Molly Newson
2013 Abbie Symonds
2012 Emily Rothwell

Suffolk Girls Spring Trophy

The Suffolk Girls Order of Merit Shield was introduced in 2019. It was kindly donated by the SVLGA.

2019 Chloe Dixon (Ufford Park)

County Champions

(the winners of the Matchplay Championship, The Churchman Challenge Cup)

2019 A.Barlow (Bury St Edmunds)
2018 A.Barlow (Hintlesham)
2017 A.Barlow (Hintlesham)
2016 A.Barlow (Newton Green)
2015 C.Whyman (Purdis Heath)
2014 V.S.Bell (Purdis Heath)
2013 S.Luckman (Felixstowe Ferry)
2012 V.Inglis (Woodbridge)
2011 B.Esmond (Aldeburgh)
2010 V.Inglis (Woodbridge)
2009 H.Baek (Aldeburgh)
2008 V.Inglis (Woodbridge)
2007 E.Laflin (Stowmarket)
2006 S.Luckman (Felixstowe Ferry)
2005 H.Rees (Rookery Park)
2004 H.Rees (Rookery Park)
2003 H.Rees (Rookery Park)
2002 A.Boatman (Royal Worlington)
2001 A.Boatman (Royal Worlington)
2000 E.Steadman (Stowmarket)
1999 A.Boatman (Royal Worlington)
1998 J.C.Hockley (Felixstowe Ferry)
1997 L. Wright (Purdis Heath)
1996 J.C. Hockley (Felixstowe Ferry)
1995 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1994 J.C. Hockley (Felixstowe Ferry)
1993 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1992 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1991 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1990 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1989 J.Hall (Felixstowe Ferry)
1988 S.Dawson (Flempton)
1987 W.Day (Thorpeness)
1986 J.Wade (Felixstowe Ferry)
1985 J.Gibson (Woodbridge)
1984 J.Gibson (Woodbridge)
1983 D.Marriott (Bury St Edmunds)
1982 D.Marriott (Bury St Edmunds)
1981 D.Marriott (Bury St Edmunds)
1980 S.Field (Stowmarket)
1979 S.Dawson (Flempton)
1978 S.Field (Purdis Heath)
1977 S.Dawson (Flempton)
1976 V.Cullen (Aldeburgh)
1975 S.Dawson (Flempton)
1974 S.Dawson (Flempton)
1973 R. Biggar
1972 D.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1971 A.Willard (Gorleston)
1970 A. Willard (Gorleston)
1969 A. Willard (Gorleston)
1968 R.Biggar (Aldeburgh)
1967 Anne Willard (Gorleston)
1966 D.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1965 S.Dawson (Bury St Edmunds)
1964 D.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1963 M.Openshaw (Ipswich)
1962 S.Dawson (Bury St Edmunds)
1961 M.Openshaw (Newton Green)
1960 U.Gaskell (Royal Worlington)
1959 M.Openshaw (Newton Green)
1958 B.Wilkins (Thorpeness)
1957 D.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1956 M.J.Winn (Woodbridge)
1955 M.J.Winn (Purdis Heath)
1954 A.Smith (Gorleston)
1953 Y.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1952 Mrs. G.T.Wilkins (Woodbridge)
1951 U. Gaskell
1950 U.Gaskell (Royal Worlington)
1949 Pauline Evans (Gorleston)
1948 M.Marsh (Bury St Edmunds)
1947 Y.Eddis
1939 Y.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1938 D.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1937 Y.Eddis (Felixstowe)
1936 M.J.Winn (Purdis heath)
1935 M.J.Winn (Woodbridge)
1934 Y.Eddis (Aldeburgh)
1933 Y.Eddis (Purdis Heath)
1932 C.M.Griffiths (Woodbridge)
1931 M.J.Winn (Aldeburgh)
1930 C.M.Griffiths (Ipswich)
1929 K.M.S.R.Garrett (Woodbridge)
1928 M.J.Winn (Aldeburgh)
1927 M.J.Winn (Ipswich)
1926 J.S.Long (Woodbridge)

Winners of the Strokeplay Championship (Woodbridge Challenge Cup)

2019 Lottie Whyman Adleburgh
2018 V S Bell Woodbridge
2017 F Edmond Aldeburgh
2016 Fiona Edmond Stowmarket
2015 A J Norman Felixstowe
2014 S Luckman Rookery Park
2013 L Kent Ipswich
2012 V Inglis Woodbridge (it was played at Ipswich)
2011 V Inglis Woodbridge
2010 B Esmond Stowmarket
2009 H Baek Aldeburgh
2008 S Luckman Felixstowe
2007 E Larkin Rookery Park
2006 S Luckman Ipswich
2005 S Luckman Bury St Edmunds
2004 S Luckman Thorpeness
2003 E Steadman Stowmarket
2002 A Boatman Thorpeness
2001 A J Hockley Felixstowe
2000 H A Rees Aldeburgh
1999 E Steadman Ipswich
1998 J C Hockley Bury St Edmunds
1997 H A Rees Woodbridge
1996 J C Hockley  Felixstowe
1995 J Hall Aldeburgh
1994 J Hall Stowmarket
1993 J Hall Bury St Edmunds
1992 J Hall Ipswich
1991 J Hall Thorpeness
1990 J Hall Aldeburgh
1989 J Hall Woodbridge
1988 S Dawson Felixstowe
1987 J Wade Stowmarket
1986 J Wade Bury St Edmunds
1985 J Wade Felixstowe
1984 Abandoned
1983 S Dawson Thorpeness
1982 J Gibson Woodbridge
1981 D Marriott Bury St Edmunds
1980 D Marriott Purdis Heath
1979 V M Cullen Thorpeness
1978 S Dawson Woodbridge
1977 S Dawson Aldeburgh
1976 S Dawson Bury St Edmunds
1975 J P Sharman Purdis Heath
1974 S Dawson Thorpeness
1973 R Biggar Aldeburgh
1972 S Dawson Woodbridge
1971 A Willard Purdis Heath
1970 A Willard Thorpeness
1969 A Willard Aldeburgh
1968 M Openshaw Woodbridge
1967 A Willard Purdis Heath
1966 S Dawson Thorpeness
1965 D Eddis Aldeburgh
1964 S Dawson Woodbridge
1963 D Eddis Purdis Heath
1962 M Openshaw Thorpeness
1961 S Dawson Aldeburgh
1960 D Eddis Woodbridge
1959 M Openshaw Purdis Heath
1958 D Stenhouse Thorpeness
1957 B Wilkins Aldeburgh
1956 C M Moss Woodbridge
1955 J Winn Purdis Heath
1954 J Winn Thorpeness
1953 Y Eddis Aldeburgh
1952 K Debbage Woodbridge
1951 U Gaskell Purdis Heath
1950 D Eddis Thorpeness
1949 Y Eddis Aldeburgh
1948 J Winn Woodbridge
1947 Y Eddis Purdis Heath
Second World War
1939 J Woodgate Woodbridge
1938 J Winn Aldeburgh
1937 Y Eddis Felixstowe
1936 M H Brooks Keith Purdis
1935 M J Winn Woodbridge
1934 Y Eddis Aldeburgh
1933 M J Winn Ipswich
1932 Y Eddis Woodbridge
1931 C M Griffiths Aldeburgh
1930 C M Griffiths Ipswich
1929 Y Faraday Woodbridge
1928 M J Winn Aldeburgh
1927 M J Winn Ipswich
1926 J S Long Woodbridge

Winners Division 1 Sybil Green Trophy

Given in 1992 by Miss Sybil Green (member of Felixstowe Golf Club) – a dedicated supporter of ladies’ golf in Suffolk, Britain and USA

2019 Abbie Symonds Ipswich Aldeburgh
2018 Alice Barlow Bury St Edmunds Thorpeness
2017 Bev Allen Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds
2016 Alice Barlow Newton Green Woodbridge
2015 Fiona Edmund Ipswich Haverhill
2014 Tanya McGregor Bungay Felixstowe
2013 Fiona Edmond Ipswich Ipswich
2012 Lizzie Laflin Stowmarket Thorpeness
2011 Amanda Norman Felixstowe Aldeburgh
2010 Mariette Robbertse Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds
2009 Vicky Inglis Woodbridge Woodbridge
2008 Anne Archer Thorpeness Stoke by Nayland
2007 Lizzie Laflin Stowmarket Stowmarket
2006 Sharon Luckman Felixstowe Felixstowe
2005 Sharon Luckman Felixstowe Thorpeness
2004 Rachel Trotman Aldeburgh Bury St Edmunds
2003 Liz Steadman Stowmarket Aldeburgh
2002 Liz Steadman Stowmarket Stowmarket
2001 Y Hollis Felixstowe Hintlesham
2000 A Hockley Felixstowe Bury St Edmunds
1999 Sharon Luckman Felixstowe  
1998 Liz Steadman Stowmarket  
1997 Liz Steadman Stowmarket Aldeburgh
1996 Hannah Rees Rookery Park Woodbridge
1995 Amanda Hockley Felixstowe Felixstowe
1994 J Walker Ipswich  
1993 Hazel Dodsworth Woodbridge Rookery Park
1992 H Neill Aldeburgh Aldeburgh
Winners Division 1 Challenge Shield

Bought by SLCGA in 1928

Year Names Club
2019 Mesdames Symonds, Luckman & Hitchcock Ipswich
2018 Mesdames Hanner, Jarvis & Fosker Felixstowe
2017 Mesdames Laflin, Ferrie & Darling Stowmarket
2016 Mesdames Summers, Hackman, Trotman Aldeburgh
2015 Mesdames Edmond, Symonds & Saggers Ipswich
2014 Mesdames Luckman, Joyce & Caracciolo Ipswich
2013 Mesdames Edmond, Skinner & Laws Ipswich
2012 Mesdames Harrall, Luckman & Norman Felixstowe
2011 Mesdames Warner, Graves & Miller Woodbridge
2010 Mesdames Robbertse, Robinson & Fitch Bury St Edmunds
2009 Mesdames Luckman, Damonsing & Jarvis Felixstowe
2008 Mesdames Seymour-Taylor, Collett & Ball Aldeburgh
2007 Mesdames Laflin, Black & Heywood Stowmarket
2006 Mesdames Luckman, Norman & Jarvis Felixstowe
2005 Mesdames Luckman, Jarvis & Hollis Felixstowe
2004 Mesdames Byford, Pitts & Byford Bury St Edmunds
2003 Mesdames Ball, Trotman & Seymour-Taylor Aldeburgh
2002 Mesdames Steadman, Jukes & Lloyd Stowmarket
2001 Mesdames Hollis, Luckman & Snelgrove Felixstowe
2000 Mesdames Hockley, Luckman, Bowler & Hollis Felixstowe
1999 Mesdames Robins, Hamshere, Robinson, Barrett Bury St Edmunds
1998 Mesdames Steadman, Jukes, Montgomery, Bryce Stowmarket
1997 Mesdames Byford, Hamshere, Robins, Robinson Bury St Edmunds
1996 Mesdames Byford, Robins, Classwell, Robinson Bury St Edmunds
1995 Mesdames Robins, Robinson, Cole, Glasswell Bury St Edmunds
1994 Mesdames Walker, Laws, Bryett, Bustle Ipswich
1993 Mesdames Dodsworth, Cullen, Johnson, Seward Woodbridge
1992 Mesdames Neill, Trotman, Latimer Jones, Cullen Aldeburgh
1991 Mesdames Barnard, Neill, Latimer Jones, Cullen Aldeburgh
1990 Mesdames Platten, Seward, Warner, Sinclair Woodbridge
1989 Mesdames Barnard, Cullen, Latimer-Jones, Neill Aldeburgh
1988 Mesdames Cook, Barnard, Neill, Batt Aldeburgh
1987 Mesdames Bryett, Mallett, Matheson, Walker Ipswich
1986 Mesdames Cullen, Cook, Barnard, Moore Aldeburgh
1985 Mesdames Will, Duncan, Caster, Hodgkin Gorleston
1984 Mesdames Platten, Seeward, Clayden, Johnson Woodbridge
1983 Mesdames Marriott, Morley, Sargent, Dahlmann Bury St Edmunds
1982 Mesdames Cullen, Barnard, Latimer-Jones, Moore Aldeburgh
1981 Mesdames Dawson, Tew, Long, Harris Flempton
1980 Mesdames Field, Lloyd, Kellett, Grayston Stowmarket
1979 Mesdames Dawson, Barker, Tew, Burroughs Flempton
1978 Mesdames Latimer Jones, Cullen, Barnard, Aitkin Aldeburgh
1977 Mesdames Latimer-Jones, Cullen, Barnard, Moore Aldeburgh
1976 Mesdames Dawson, Barker, Tew, Sheppard Flempton
1975 Mesdames Sheppard, Dawson, Ivor-Jones, Barker Flempton
1974 Mesdames Dawson, Barker, Harris, Ivor-Jones Flempton
1973 Mesdames Biggar, Moore, Eddis, Bacon Aldeburgh
1972 Mesdames Robinson, Burnell, Clayden, Weston Woodbridge
1971 Mesdames Openshaw, Kemp, Meyer, Piper Ipswich
1970 Mesdames Biggar, Eddis, Bacon, Wilkins Aldeburgh
1969 Mesdames Eddis, Biggar, Wilkins, Moss-Blundell Aldeburgh
1968 Mesdames Openshaw, Kemp, Piper, Urpeth Ipswich
1967 Mesdames Short, Kemp, Urpeth, Piper Ipswich
1966 Mesdames Brooks-Keith, Eddis, Wilkins, Moss-Blundell Aldeburgh
1965 Mesdames Gaskell, Lomax, Taylor, Kimberley Royal Worlington
1964 Mesdames Kimberley, Gaskell, Lomax, Stevens Royal Worlington
1963 Mesdames Eddis, Eddis, Moss-Blundell, Winn Aldeburgh
1962 Mesdames Gaskell, Kimberley, Taylor, Lomax Royal Worlington
1961 Mesdames Gaskell, Kimberley, Parker, Lomax Royal Worlington
1960 Mesdames Eddis, Freeman-Taylor, Moss-Blundell, Wilkins Aldeburgh
1959 Mesdames Hollingsworth, Pretty, Short, Gibbons Ipswich
1958 Mesdames Stenhouse, Winn, Eddis, Wilkins Aldeburgh
1957 Mesdames Eddis, Wilkins, Cairnes, Eddis Aldeburgh
1956 Mesdames Winn, Cairnes, Simpson, Eddis Aldeburgh
1955 Mesdames Eddis, Wilkins, Winn, Causten Aldeburgh
1954 Mesdames Eddis, Winn, Simpson, Causton Aldeburgh
1953 Mesdames Eddis, Gascall, Wilkins, Simpson Aldeburgh
1952 Mesdames Goldie, Cairns, Wilkins, Keith Aldeburgh
1951 Mesdames Eddis, Winn, Wilkins, Eddis Aldeburgh
1950 Mesdames Eddis, Winn, Arthur, Cunninghame Aldeburgh
1949 Mesdames Eddis, Winn, Eddis, Westendarp Aldeburgh
1948 Mesdames Winn, Eddis, Stenhouse, Westendarp Aldeburgh
1947 Mesdames Eddis, Eddis, Westendarp, Roberts Aldeburgh
1938 Mesdames Woodgate, Barlow, Girdon, Carruthers Woodbridge
1937 Mesdames Winn, Eddis, Collins, Eddis Aldeburgh
1936   Woodbridge
1935 Won 4 Lost 0 Aldeburgh
1934 Won 6 Lost 0 Woodbridge
1933 Won 6 Lost 2 Woodbridge
1932 Won 8 Lost 2 Ipswich
1931 Mesdames Garrett, Eddis, Winn, Wilson Aldeburgh
1930 Mesdames Hickling, Shaddick, Selkirk, Brown Southwold
1929 Mesdames Faraday, Garrett, Blackwell, Wilson Aldeburgh
1928 Mesdames Winn, Faraday, Lehmann, Garrett Aldeburgh
Winners Division 2 Sybil Green Cup

Given in 1984 by Miss Sybil Green.  This was lost for some years and eventually was returned from a Club Secretary’s cupboard (in the meantime, the Sybil Green Trophy had been purchased to replace this missing Cup).  The winners of intervening years had their names added.  The insurance company were so surprised at the honesty in reporting its return that they allowed it to be kept.

Year Name Club Venue
2019 Rebecca Draper Diss Gorleston
2018 Sheila Boath Ipswich Hintlesham
2017 Rebecca Draper Diss Newton Green
2016 Eunice Gray Woodbridge Halesworth
2015 Michelle Wilce Ipswich Brett Vale
2014 Linda Miller Woodbridge Felixstowe
2013 Tessa Catchpole Woodbridge Bungay
2012 Pamela Evans Felixstowe Hintlesham
2011 Kerry Lee The Suffolk Halesworth
2010 Liffy Reeve Bury St Edmunds Rushmere
2009 Pam Madams Bury St Edmunds Ipswich
2008 Diana Siddell Aldeburgh Thorpeness
2007 D Sillett Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds
2006 D Golding Woodbridge Woodbridge
2005 M Bussell Ipswich  
2004 L Williamson Bury St Edmunds Haverhill
2003 H Fitch Bury St Edmunds Felixstowe
2002 D Taylor Waldringfield Ufford Park
2001 W Wilderspin Haverhill Rookery Park
2000 S Michell Flempton Woodbridge
1999 J. Bell Stowmarket Aldeburgh
1998 D. Jacklin Diss Felixstowe
1997 S. Rougier Aldeburgh Ipswich
1996 D. Siddall Aldeburgh Stowmarket
1995 A. Ward Stowmarket Hintlesham
1994 S. Barclay Waldringfield Thorpeness
1993 N. Beale Fornham Park Woodbridge
1992 F. Glasswell Bury St Edmunds Bury St Edmunds
1991 C. Heywood Stowmarket  
1990 J. Simmonds Flempton  
1989 H. Glasswell Bury St Edmunds  
1988 J. Sharman Rookery Park  
1987 S Jordon Ipswich  
1986 C Perks Rushmere  
1985 J Hood Bungay  
1984 M. Gillingwater Felixstowe  
Winners Division 2 Joan O'Meara Shield

Given in 1974 by Mrs J O’Meara (a member of Bury St Edmunds Golf Club).  President 1972-74.  Joan was a Wimbledon tennis player.  Husband was a gynaecologist at Bury Hospital.

Year Names Club
2019 Mesdames Worne, Clarke & Upton Kingfisher
2018 Mesdames Longman, Gray & Neilson Woodbridge
2017 Mesdames Chamberlain, Draper & Bridges Diss
2016 Mesdames Gray, Wass & Mc Bride Woodbridge
2015 MesdamesWaspe, Pearce & Barnes Stowmarket
2014 Mesdames Brown, Ford & Upton Cretingham
2013 Mesdames Catchpole, Miller & Nielson Woodbridge
2012 Mesdames Whyte, Crace & Lockwood Newton Green
2011 Mesdames Wass, Gray & Fulcher Woodbridge
2010 Mesdames Longman, Wass & Gray Woodbridge
2009 Mesdames Wilkinson, Rougier & Calvert Aldeburgh
2008 Mesdames Siddall, Singleton & Calvert Aldeburgh
2007 Mesdames Sillett, Madams & Jarvis Bury St Edmunds
2006 Mesdames Golding, Fulcher & Seward Woodbridge
2005 Mesdames Presland, Lewis & Davey Stowmarket
2004 Mesdames Bensley, Beale & Evans Stowmarket
2003 Mesdames Jukes, Stutely & Bensley Stowmarket
2002 Mesdames Bell, Davey & Bensley Stowmarket
2001 Mesdames Miller, Miller & Johnson Woodbridge
2000 Mesdames Seabrook, Miller & Seward Woodbridge
1999 Mesdames Grimwood, Siddall & Sieghart Aldeburgh
1998 Mesdames Jones, Williamson & Cook Bury St Edmunds
1997 Mesdames Jackson, King & Spraggs Ipswich
1996 Mesdames Stutely, Brice & Spreadbury Stowmarket
1995 Mesdames Stutely, Ward & Spreadbury Stowmarket
1994 Mesdames Sillett, Warren & Nicholson Bury St Edmunds
1993 Mesdames Nice, Glasswell & Cole Woodbridge
1992 Mesdames Glasswell, Lester & Jillings Bury St Edmunds
1991 Mesdames Jackson, Gilson & Girling Ipswich
1990 Mesdames Glasswell, Burlingham & Simmonds Flempton
1989 Mesdames Glasswell, Cole & Warren Bury St Edmunds
1988 Mesdames Wilson, Girling & Simpson Ipswich
1987 Mesdames Jordan, Grainger & Jackson Ipswich
1986 Mesdames Stutely, Firman & Lambert Stowmarket
1985 Mesdames Hood, Hood & Eke Bungay
1984 Mesdames Gillingwater, Harrall & Fordham Felixstowe
1983 Mesdames Eaves, Human & Prentice Stoke by Nayland
1982 Mesdames Sharman, Thompson &Andrews Rookery Park
1981 Mesdames Etheridge, Duncan & Gibbs Gorleston
1980 Mesdames Rush, Kemp & Matheson Ipswich
1979 Mesdames Andrews, Sharman & Stevens Rookery Park
1978 Mesdames Simpson, Short & Piper Ipswich
1977 Mesdames Forster, Robinson & Claydon Woodbridge
1976 Mesdames Taylor, Hill & Crone Royal Worlington
1975 Mesdames Stevens, Sharman &Thompson Lowestoft
1974 Mesdames Stevens, Andrews &Thompson Lowestoft
Winners Division 3 Silver Quaich

Bought in 1932 by Suffolk Ladies County Golf Club at a cost of £7.10.0 from Messrs Martin Hall, Holborn.  It weighs 1.75lb

Year Name Club Venue
2019 Lynda Ivison Diss Haverhill
2018 Patricia Partridge Stowmarket Diss
2017 Edwina Hughes Stowmarket Gorleston
2016 Valerie Dadge Fynn Valley Fynn Valley
2015 Yvonne Southey Seckford Cretingham
2014 Rosemary Stratton Bury St Edmunds Stowmarket
2013 Gill Harris Bury St Edmunds Ufford Park
2012 Valerie Moon Ufford Park Fynn Valley
2011 Mary Walker Woodbridge Newton Green
2010 Helen Lawson Diss Waldringfield
2009 Susan Sandry Bury St Edmunds Diss
2008 Claire Wass Woodbridge Fynn Valley
2007 K Hitchcock Stowmarket Bungay
2006 Sue Montgomery Bury St Edmunds Southwold
2005 Lucie Reeve Fynn Valley  
2004 K Davis Stowmarket  
2003 C Lock Rushmere  
2002 A Key Ipswich  
2001 G Bailey-Thomas Felixstowe  
2000 Julie Larter Ufford Park  
1999 D Osman Waldringfield  
1998 M Holden Waldringfield  
1997 A Tyler Fynn Valley  
1996 J Donovan Rookery Park  
1995 M Ward Gorleston  
1994 H Wright Bungay  
1993 B King Ipswich  
1992 A Soar Stoke by Nayland  
1991 Fiona Hill Rookery Park  
1990 S Seymour-Taylor Stoke by Nayland  
1989 D J Page Gorleston  
1988 S Burman Stoke by Nayland  
1987 M J Munnings    
1986 D J Page    
1985 E A Nunn    
1984 A M Webber    
1983 M A Sawer    
1982 J Frost Rushmere  
1981 M Heald    
1980 M Heald    
1979 M A Ambrose    
1978 P A Kiddy    
1977 S Knight    
1976 J Diebel    
1975 Linda Warner Woodbridge  
1974 K Donovan    
1973 E A Boughton    
1972 F K Canham Rushmere  
1971 N B Gimmin    
1970 A M Sheppard    
1969 E R G Newbery    
1968 J Seeley    
1967 J T P Ewart    
1966 K Debbage Gorleston  
1965 K Debbage Gorleston  
1964 K Debbage Gorleston  
1963 B Saunders    
1962 A Brownbill    
1961 G T Barnard    
1960 G T Barnard    
1959 A Clowes    
1958 P Norton    
1957 L T Rees    
1956 P D Watson    
1955 H Swann Lowestoft  
1954 A Tetsall Woodbridge  
1953 H C Hitchcock    
1952 K Britzel Aldeburgh  
1951 D Catchpole    
1950 S P Parker    
1949 O S Parker    
1948 J W F Caston    
1947 C Westendorp    
1939 Johnson    
1938 H Reynolds    
1937 D Chessler    
1936 R Catchpole    
1935 D’Arey Benson    
1934 H Reynolds    
1933 D Adams    
1932 B Collins    
Winners Division 3 Belstead Shield

Given in 1952 by Lady Belstead, President 1947-54

Year Names Club
2019 Mesdames Ivison, Honour & Lawson Diss
2018 Mesdames Partridge, Rogerson & Tanner StowMarket
2017 Mesdames Thornton, Duckett & Holmes Gorleston
2016 Mesdames Dadge, Emmerson & Fitzpatrick Fynn Valley
2015 Mesdames Brown, Legg & Moyes Cretingham
2014 Mesdames Stratton, Aves, Harris Bury St Edmunds
2013 Mesdames Cofield, Spencer, Stollery Felixstowe
2012 Mesdames Bate, Cofield, Moss Felixstowe
2011 Mesdames Christian, Sharp, Moss Felixstowe
2010 Mesdames Cofield, Moss, Cross Felixstowe
2010 Mesdames Heathfield, Price, Mercer Haverhill
2009 Mesdames Sandry, Lee, Hall Bury St Edmunds
2008 Mesdames Wass, Gray, Stear Woodbridge
2007 Mesdames Blackham, Hindle, Potter Bungay
2006 Mesdames Crosbie, Bale, Booth Fynn Valley
2005 Mesdames Reeve, Williams, Crosbie Fynn Valley
2004   Stowmarket
2003 Mesdames Holly, Stevenson, Wood Stowmarket
2002 Mesdames Wood, Presland, Stevenson Stowmarket
2001 Mesdames Osman, Holden, Tucker Waldringfield
2000 Mesdames Cross, Dixon, Smith, Bailey-Thomas Felixstowe
1999 Mesdames Davey, Wood, Barnes, Hines Stowmarket
1998 Mesdames Davenport, Lockett, Wood, Dahl Stowmarket
1997 Mesdames Myall, Raven, Smith, Blackman Bungay
1996 Mesdames Berriman, Bennett, Tanner, Barnes Stowmarket
1995 Mesdames Ward, Sherman, Marshall, Stannard Gorleston
1994 Mesdames Wright, Mattocks, White, Edmonds Bungay
1993 Mesdames Tanmer. Gooding, Arbin, Routledge Stowmarket
1992   Stowmarket
1991 Mesdames Ellice, Green, Sawer & Dunnett Ipswich
1990 Mesdames McFegan, Bawden, Weatherley, Brega Bury St Edmunds
1989 Mesdames Page, Elliot, Clarke, Jary Gorleston
1988 Mesdames Burman, Soar, Chaplin, Burnett Stoke by Nayland
1987 Mesdames Munnings, Rolf, Brown, Riseborough Gorleston
1986 Mesdames Page, Riseborough, Stannard, Norton Gorleston
1985 Mesdames Nunn, Glasswell, Byford, Dennis-Jones Bury St Edmunds
1984 Mesdames Glicksman, Webber, Stutely, Morris Stowmarket
1983 Mesdames Brega, Whiting, Fitch, Dore Bury St Edmunds
1982 Mesdames MacEwan, Short, Jackson, Pipe Ipswich
1981 Mesdames Sawer, Bussell, MacEwan, Jackson Ipswich
1980 Mesdames Heald, Wilkins, Sheffield, Carn Aldeburgh
1979 Mesdames Ambrose, Doble, Wilson, Johnson Woodbridge
1978 Mesdames Kiddy, Burlingham, Jacobs, Stearn Flempton
1977 Mesdames Turner, Sawer, Poole, Winter Ipswich
1976 Mesdames Head, Raffe, Girling, Turner Ipswich
1975 Mesdames Girling, Head, Human, Raffe Ipswich
1974 Mesdames Doble, Moston, Ambrose, Nixon Woodbridge
1973 Mesdames Rodwell, Ambrose, Simper, Nixon Woodbridge
1972 Mesdames Stearn, Seeley, Wilson, Whiting Stowmarket
1971 Mesdames Smith, Benn, Byford, Head Ipswich
1970 Mesdames Rodwell, Barton, Warner, Nixon Woodbridge
1969 Mesdames Williams, Winter, Belle, Smith Ipswich
1968 Mesdames Dalby, Franks, Burleigh, Jacomb-Hood Thorpeness
1967 Mesdames Bunford, Hunt, Feerier, Marson Aldeburgh
1966 Mesdames Nixon, Rodwell, Bland, Robertson Woodbridge
1965 Mesdames Hunt, Duncan, Fish, Weston Ipswich
1964 Mesdames Debbage, Etheridge, Moore, Hydel Gorleston
1963 Mesdames Saunders, Kerrison, Meyer, Bell-Jones Ipswich
1962 Mesdames Frisken, Walker, Jones, Platt Felixstowe
1961 Mesdames Barnard, Hitchcock, Duncan, Kerrison Ipswich
1960 Mesdames Barnard, Hitchcock, Duncan, Kerrison Ipswich
1959 Mesdames Clowes, Catchpole, Young, Mills Ipswich
1958 Mesdames Norton, Green, Barfield, Howard Gorleston
1957 Mesdames Young, Reavell, Napier, Pearce Ipswich
1956 Mesdames Hitchcock, Young, Minshall, Bell-Jones Ipswich
1955 Mesdames Hollingsworth, Hitchcock, Clowes, Minshall Ipswich
1954 Mesdames Tetsall, Crosbie, Williams, Foster Woodbridge
1953 Mesdames Hitchcock, Gower, Duvall Davis, Bowden Ipswich
1952 Mesdames Britzel, Fortheringham, Wood, Helmore Aldeburgh


Winners Division 4 Olive Carruthers Cup

Donated by the Carruthers Family in 1950.  Two cups were sent for their initial Cup engraving in that year – one to be donated for Football and one for Golf.  It is believed that the two Cups were mistakenly swapped at this time and the Football Cup was engraved with the wording agreed for the Golf Cup and then donated to the SLCGA – it weights approx 5lb.

Olive Carruthers died in 1948 whilst Vice-Captain

Year Name Club Venue
2019 Carole Saunter The Suffolk The Suffolk
2018 Sue Franzel Crettingham Fynn Valley
2017 Beryl Dewhurst Fynn Valley Cretingham
2016 Joan Keil The Suffolk Southwold
2015 Barbara Wells The Suffolk The Suffolk
2014 Susan Jackson Stowmarket Gorleston
2013 Wendy Walpole Bungay Rushmere
2012 Patricia Wellstead Haverhill Waldringfield
2011 Susan Whymark Woodbridge Seckford
2010 Victoria Clarke The Suffolk Haverhill
2009 Diana Mounce Ipswich Gorleston
2008 Karen Korzack St Clements Ufford Park
2007 Jacqueline Mins The Suffolk The Suffolk
2006 Shirley Byrne The Suffolk Halesworth
2005 Marie Gilgar Stoke by Nayland  
2004 S Montgomery Bury St Edmunds  
2003 E Hamor The Suffolk  
2002 Pat Edworthy Woodbridge  
2001 G Singleton Aldeburgh  
2000 S Laughlin Diss  
1999 Pat Edworthy Woodbridge  
1998 R Pearson Stowmarket  
1997 R Clements Stoke by Nayland  
1996 C Hines Stowmarket  
1995 A Smith Bungay  
1994 D Boult Diss  
1993 M Croucher Ipswich  
1992 M Gaye Felixstowe  
1991 Fiona Hill Rookery Park  
1990 S Seymour-Taylor Stoke by Nayland  
1989 D J Page Gorleston  
1988 S Burman Stoke by Nayland  
1987 A M Role Gorleston  
1986 M A Haddow Stowmarket  
1985 E Wilcockson Woodbridge  
1984 A Dyball Stowmarket  
1983 B M Rudd Rookery Park  
1982 J Frost Rushmere  
1981 S J White Rookery Park  
1980 G T Wilkins Aldeburgh  
1979 F M Unstead Thorpeness  
1978 L M Gooding Stowmarket  
1977 Sonia Knight Woodbridge  
1976 J Williams Rushmere  
1975 Linda Warner Woodbridge  
1974 J M Doble Woodbridge  
1973 A King Ipswich  
1972 F K Canham Rushmere  
1971 C Bishop Woodbridge  
1970 M C Howell Royal Worlington  
1969 J P Gamble Ipswich  
1968 D C Robertson Woodbridge  
1967 P Hunt Aldeburgh  
1966 U Aitkin Aldeburgh  
1965 K Debbage Gorleston  
1964 K Debbage Gorleston  
1963 P J Beatton Thorpeness  
1962 J Marson Aldeburgh  
1961 M Hitchcock Ipswich  
1960 J C Wood Aldeburgh  
1959 R Catchpole Ipswich  
1958 E N Franks Thorpeness  
1957 M Ferrier Aldeburgh  
1956 E N Franks Thorpeness  
1955 H Swann Lowestoft  
1954 A Tetsall Woodbridge  
1953 N Bell-Jones Ipswich  
1952 K Britzel Aldeburgh  
1951 C C Turner Felixstowe  
1950 A Williams Woodbridge  
Winners Division 4 Shield

Bought by the SLCGA in 1995

Year Names Club
2019 Mesdames Saunter, Byrne & Day The Suffolk
2018 Mesdames Bissett, George, Cole-Jones Fynn Valley
2017 Mesdames Dewhurst, George, Cole-Jones Fynn Valley
2016 Mesdames Whiting, Colsell, Atkinson Bury St Edmunds
2015 Mesdames Clark, Wells & Smart The Suffolk
2014 Mesdames Sparrow, Boutell, George Fynn Valley
2013 Mesdames Pearson, Walpole, Douglas Bungay
2012 Mesdames Marby, Walter, Walsh Newton Green
2011 Mesdames Mounce, Bischoff, Bell Ipswich
2010 Mesdames Clarke, Cunningham, Day The Suffolk
2009 Mesdames Mounce, Lee, Sanders Ipswich
2008 Mesdames Spence, Tile, Joel Aldeburgh
2007 Mesdames Mathia, Biddlesome, Burton Aldeburgh
2006 Mesdames Slater, Stirrat, Christian Felixstowe
2005 Mesdames Hitchcock, Meggs, Bailey Stowmarket
2004 Mesdames Cox, Griffiths, Joel Aldeburgh
2003 Mesdames Walker, Fulcher, Bealing Woodbridge
2002 Mesdames Edworthy, Fisher, Digby Woodbridge
2001 Mesdames Thomas, Bull, Walker Woodbridge
2000 Mesdames Richards, Pettit, Cotterell Bury St Edmunds
1999 Mesdames Gooding, Moseley, Presland Stowmarket
1998 Mesdames Pearson, Cumming, Ross Stowmarket
1997 Mesdames Clements, Randle, Shearing Stoke by Nayland
1996 Mesdames Hines, Wincer, Gooding Stowmarket
1995 Mesdames Wilson, Smith, Raven Bungay


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