2019 Haskell Trophy Winner

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club

General Information

A team shall consist of one pair from each Club.

This is a scratch foursomes match-play competition.  All Rounds are to be played over 36 holes to a conclusion – i.e. if a team is four up after 18 holes, they start at four up on the first hole of the second 18 and, if tied after 36 holes, continue on 37th hole to a sudden death conclusion.

The venues will be drawn on a Home or Away basis.  There are no set date for each Round to be played – each match is by agreement between the Clubs within a specified time frame – the only exceptions are the Semi-Finals and Final, which will be held at neutral courses on specified dates, chosen by the SLCGA.

Trophy History

The Haskell Trophy was presented to the SLCGA in 1969 by Granville Haskell, a well known Ipswich businessman who owned a jewellers shop in Tavern Street and who was a long-standing member of Purdis Heath Golf Club.  He was a wonderful supporter of women’s golf and presented his trophy after the Final every year for as long as he was able.  Habitually, he turned up with generous prizes for the winners.  He died in 1998 at the age of 82.


The trophy itself is a beautiful cup, tall and blessed with elegant simplicity and gracefully curving handles.  Its winners would most probably tell you that, outside the inter-county matches and arguably the regional open competitions, the Haskell Trophy matches constitute the most enjoyable golf they play.  Competition is always keen and it is hard to beat a foursomes match played between skilful golfers in good form.  The 36-hole format demands determination and prolonged concentration and usually offers up plenty of swings and roundabouts!  And then there is lunch and what went before it might well be turned on its head afterwards.

The Final match is refereed with the score being announced at the end of each hole so that spectators find it easy to become involved.  More spectators would be very welcome.  See Events for the date, which is usually in mid-August.

Julie Latimer-Jones

Past Winners

Haskell Trophy Winners

2019     Felixstowe
2018     Felixstowe
2017     Felixstowe
2016     Newton Green
2015     Ipswich
2014     Felixstowe
2013     Newton Green
2012     Felixstowe
2011     Aldeburgh
2010     Ipswich
2009     Felixstowe
2008     Felixstowe
2007     Ipswich
2006     Stowmarket
2005     Rookery Park
2004     Felixstowe
2003     Rookery Park
2002     Stowmarket
2001     Felixstowe
2000     Felixstowe
1999     Stowmarket
1998     Flempton
1997     Flempton
1996     Bury St Edmunds
1995     Flempton
1994     Felixstowe
1993     Royal Worlington
1992     Royal Worlington
1991     Flempton
1990     Royal Worlington
1989     Bungay
1988     Felixstowe
1987     Felixstowe
1986     Aldeburgh
1985     Aldeburgh
1984     Aldeburgh
1983     Rookery Park
1982     Flempton
1981     Aldeburgh
1980     Woodbridge
1979     Stoke by Nayland
1978     Aldeburgh
1977     Bury St Edmunds
1976     Aldeburgh
1975     Ipswich
1974     Royal Worlington
1973     Royal Worlington
1972     Royal Worlington
1971     Ipswich
1970     Lowestoft
1969     Gorleston