2019 Stearn Trophy Winner


General Information

Trail for 2 years (2020 & 2021)
A Match Play Foursomes competition played off ½ the difference of combined handicaps. A team shall consist of a squad of eight players, each player having a handicap within the range of 10-20 inclusive.

All games shall be decided over 3 x 18 holes am and 3 x 18 holes pm (6 points).
Up to two substitutes may be introduced for the afternoon matches from the squad of eight, (but not a pair), provided they have been named on the Match Result Sheet before the morning round commences.

All matches in the rounds up to, and including the Semi-Final, will be played at neutral venues. The neutral venue for each match will be determined to reduce travelling times where possible – venues will be shown in red.  The Final will be played at a neutral venue, as arranged by the Organiser.

Trophy History

The Stearn Trophy was presented to the County by Mrs Hilda Stearn, a senior member of Stowmarket Golf Club and President of the County in the mid-eighties.  She was a good-natured, enthusiastic and very supportive President who loved the game of golf and was keen to leave the County a legacy of her Presidency.  To satisfy her wish, the new Competition was introduced.

It was decided that the format would follow that of the Haskell Trophy, but with a larger team and for a different handicap range that would give the good ‘Club’ golfers somethingn to play for within the County.  At the time, the Governing Body was aware that the Clubs might be reluctant to use another day in their calendar to host a further inter-club competition, so it was decided that the Stearn Trophy should play behind the Haskell Trophy on the first Monday of the month.  There was some considerable use of ‘the little grey cells’ to work out a system whereby the Stearn team should follow their Haskell team for as long as both remained in their separate competitions and what would happen when that arrangement broke down.  However, worked out it was and the arrangement panned out pretty well over the next 25 years or so, until the arrangements for the Haskell were altered which gave the Stearn autonomy.

Hilda Stearn’s Stowmarket club fittingly won the first playing of the Stearn Trophy and has gone on to the most prolific winner of this competition with seven subsequent victories to date.  She would have been delighted.

In 2002 her daughter, Hilary Haydon, replaced the original trophy with a beautiful silver bowl.

Julie Latimer-Jones

Past Winners

Stearn Trophy Winners

2019     Stowmarket
2018     Diss
2017     Fynn Valley
2016     Haverhill
2015     Woodbridge
2014     Aldeburgh
2013     Felixstowe
2012     Felixstowe
2011     Gorleston
2010     Felixstowe
2009     Fynn Valley
2008     Fynn Valley
2007     Bungay
2006     Stowmarket
2005     Stowmarket
2004     Stowmarket
2003     Ipswich
2002     Stoke by Nayland
2001     Bungay
2000     Stowmarket
1999     Aldeburgh
1998     Diss
1997     Felixstowe
1996     Stoke by Nayland
1995     Aldeburgh
1994     Waldringfield
1993     Aldeburgh
1992     Royal Worlington
1991     Flempton
1990     Bungay
1989     Stowmarket
1988     Stowmarket
1987     Gorleston
1986     Bungay
1985     Stowmarket